Signature Models



All Images are available as high-resolution Prints.  Details are at the Bottom of the Gallery

AUdrey Kelly

Accomplished artist, model, and muse, Audrey Kelly has been a part of the PsykoCosm conglomerate from the beginning.

As an artist, she has several different social media accounts to accommodate.  As a painter, sculpter, airbrush artist, and makeup extraordinaire, we ask you to  please take the time to check each and every one of them out.  You won't be disappointed, we guarantee.

Franccesca De Struct

Musician, model, actress, artist.  Franccesca De Struct brings an element of reality and identity to each and every aspect of her life.  From her band, Fate Destroyed, to her art, to even her passionate mechanical experiences, this is a woman who speaks her mind, her heart, and her opinions with conviction.

You can't separate out the various elements of Franccesca's career, so it's best to follow not only her personal accounts, but also the many bands and organizations she is a part of.

Fallon Vendetta

Model, actor, director, producer, writer, songwriter, and musician.  What else can she do?

We're afraid to even ask.


This dancer-turned-model began early in her life, and has just added and added to her resume over time in such ways we can barely keep up.  And her Signature Lines will act in much the same way.

Aeon Cruz

Another musician, model, and actress, Aeon has been a part of the PsykoCosm family since nearly the very beginning.

With the success of her initial Signature line, we have decided to re-launch and expand upon her line.  Make sure to give her various accounts the attention they're due, and pick up any of her available garments in our store today!

DOminique Guevara

Tattoo artist and aspiring tattoo model, Dominique was one of those people that just caught the eye of everyone around her, inspiring people completely without realizing it.  It took some patience, but we're very proud to finally be bringing her Lines to fruition.


Dom is the first of our models to start her Signature Line in the Harness division rather than the Garment side of things, though we quickly followed up with a Limited Edition tee for the 2022-23 Touring Season and her first Signature Series tee shortly after!

Sabrina Sins / SinKiity

Our relationship with Sabrina ( a.k.a. Sinkiity ) proves that chance encounters that have literally nothing to do with modeling, fashion, or promotion can lead to amazing collaborations and expansive ideas and projects.


As an online personality on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and even the host of her own Discord, this incredibly diverse artist will be bringing her own unique style to her Signature Lines, and will be traveling to as many events as possible to meet as many of you as she can in person.

Available in black or white and printed on 100% cotton, these tees are the first of Sabrina's Personal Line.  With Personal Lines, the images, logos, and concepts belong SOLELY to the Model, so you are supporting her DIRECTLY with your purchase.


Our history with Ritual goes back years, and started with her music career before ever crossing over into her modeling and social media endeavors.


An accomplished musician and performer, Ritual (a.k.a. Dahlia Ray Suicide) has toured the country and developed her own unique personality that is part activist, part revolutionary, part liberator, and we couldn't be prouder to have her on our team!

Teariny Exotic

Online personality, pole dancer, and fitness addict, Teariny has been an inspiration and supporter of our vision and designs for far longer than the amount of time she's come on board with her own Signature concepts.


Teariny is the second Signature Model to start her product lines in the harness section, though we have about a dozen concepts for her future lines, as well!

Elaine Diane

Originally, Elaine was our assistant.  But with her own talent at hair and makeup, seamwork, and a general comfort in front of the lens, it was almost inevitable that we created a line around this charismatic woman.

You can order any of the images posted on this website, and we'll ship it right to you.  Even better, as is the way with our Signature Series', we share HALF the profits with the model(s) in the print!