"Kaulua" Custom Handmade Garter


"Kaulua" translates to 'bright star', and this set is intended to represent that.  Not only is this the first piece we've released with the idea of not only being a ravewear or but also as an accessory to swimwear, it's also the first design inspired by a person of any celebrity status (as in we've never met her).  Her story and her all-around demeanor led to this creation, with the idea of positivity and perseverance behind the entire set.

Each piece in this collection is made from a mix of braided polyester blend and nylon, and the rivets and are coated to prevent tarnish or allergic reaction from prolonged wear.  The rings are made of a lightweight polymer that is strong and water-resistant. It is considered one-size, thought alterations can always be discussed when ordering. Hand-washing is recommended.